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           Answer the questions (2-3) according to   4            People should have good
           the dialogue below.
                                                                  friends in their lives. Sally
                                                                  is my best friend because
                                                                  she  supports  me  all  the
                                                                  time.  For  example,  I’m
                                                                  not  good  at  maths  and
                                                        we study together before every maths
                                                        exam. Once, she got very sick but she
                                                        offered  me  to  study  together.  I  said
          Jase: Hi, Ashley. We’re going to join the volleyball   no, but she came over my house and
          tournament two weeks later. I know you are good   we studied for hours. Sally is my true
          at volleyball. Why don’t you join our team?   friend because a true friend will back
                                                        you up any time.
          Ashley: Sure, it sounds great. Shall I bring
          anything?                                   According  to  the  text  above,  we  can’t
          Jase: No, thanks. We have all the equipment. First   say that ........................ .
          practice will be on Wednesday after school. YAYINEVİ
                                                      A)  Sally can be selfish sometimes
          Ashley: I’m sorry, but I can’t join you. I have a   B)  Sally helps Aaron for his maths exams
          doctor appointment at 4.30 p.m. on Wednesday.
                                                      C)  they are close friends
          Jase: Okay. I’ll talk to the other team members.
          We can do it on Thursday.                   D)  Sally is good at maths
          Ashley: Thanks, Thursday would be fine.

           2  Find the sentence that Jase offers Ashley.
             A)  I’ll talk to the other team members.
             B)  Sure, it sounds great.             5  Barney: Hey, Chris. How about playing

             C)  I’m sorry, but I can’t join you.     football after school?
             D)  Why don’t you join our team?         Chris: That sounds cool, but …………. .
                                                      Barney: I’m sorry to hear that. I hope she
                                                      gets well soon.
                                                      Complete   the  dialogue  with  the
                                                      appropriate excuse.
           3  What is Ashley’s reason for not joining   A)  My grandmother is in the hospital, so I
             the practice on Wednesday?
                                                         must visit her.
             A)  She has another plan for that day.
                                                      B)  I  need  to  look  after  my  little  sister,
             B)  She  has  to  go  to  the  hospital  to  see   because my parents will be out.
                her mother.
                                                      C)  I have an important exam tomorrow, I
             C)  She thinks she doesn’t have to          need to study.
                                                      D)  I’m going out with my family for dinner
             D)  She wants to practice after school.     tonight.
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