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           6  Suppose  that  one  of  your  friends  invites   9  Aslı: Would you like to join our new year’s
             you to go out for dinner, but you don’t have   party?
             time to do it. Because you must finish your   Emily:  ......................  I  have  an  important
             business project. You will try to refuse his/   appointment.
             her invitation without being rude.
             What do you say?                         Choose  the  best  option  to  fill  in  the
             A)  I would love to but I have to finish my
                business project.                     A)  I’d love to, but I can’t.
             B)  Don’t you know that I have to stay at   B)  Sounds great.
                                                      C)  I’ d be glad to come.
             C)  I  can  complete  my  business  project
                later. When will we meet?             D)  Certainly! Why not?
             D)  How come you invite me for dinner? I
                am on a diet.
                                                   10  I.  We are having a party. Would you like
           7  Matt  and  I  are  good  friends.  We  enjoy   to come?
             spending  time  together.  We  usually  play  YAYINEVİ
                                                      II.  Hi, Jordan. What are you doing
             tennis in our spare time.                   tonight?
             Which  picture  shows  the  activity  that
             they usually do?                         III.  Yeah, why not? That would be great.
                                                      IV.  Nothing special. Why?
             A)                  B)
                                                      Put the sentences into  the correct
                                                      A) II - I - IV - III   B) II - IV - I - III
                                                      C) I - III - IV - II   D) I - IV - II - III
             C)                  D)

                                                    LGS 2018 ÇIKMIŞ SORU
                                                    11  Mark: I am going to see my sister in the
           8  David: Are you busy on Sunday, Oliver?   afternoon. Would you like to come with
             Oliver:  No,  not  at  all.  I’m  not  going  to  do   me?
             anything. Why?                            Sarah: Why not? ..........?
             David:  We’re  having  friends  over  on   Mark: In front of the cinema. We want to
             Sunday. Would you like to join us?        watch a movie together.
             Oliver: ............. . I’d love to.
                                                       Choose the best option to fill in the
             Complete the dialogue with the suitable   blank.
                                                       A)  Who will you go out with
             A)  I’m sorry, but I can’t.
             B)  I’d like to, but I can’t.             B)  What are you going to buy
                                                       C)  What time will you go there
             C)  Yeah, that would be great.
             D)  No, but thanks for offering.          D)  Where are you going to meet
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